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Thursday, August 24, 2017


Computer use normally encountered wit many problems, which may slow down window activities. It is normal to experience the slowdown of window speed. Sometimes you may think only installing of window is a solution. But it is recommended to know the reasons for the problems before installing of window. In this post we are going to show some reasons for the slowdown of your computer speed, and solution for the problems.

1.       Presence of malware (VIRUS, WORMS and TROJANS) in your window; this is serious problems than what many people think. As we know that malware include virus, worm and Trojan, the aim of all of this is to destroy data in your device. Also these malware have connection to the hackers who can access your device without your knowledge. When a window start to slow down it may be attacked by malware, hence you need to detect if malware (virus, worm or Trojan) are present in your device. Use the following ways to remove malware and virus

a). keep your anti malware program up to date; make sure that anti malware you use is activated and up to date. This may help automatic scanning of your device. If you have antivirus scan your computer full scanning.

b). use online scanner; you may get it through and search window security provider.

c) Use window defender; window have its own defender for virus and other malware. Make sure that you have up to date window defender.

2.       Small free space in your computer hard disk. It is obviously for your computer to slow down when it has small free space left. Make sure that you have enough free space in your computer for other programs to perform activity easily. Delete some of unused data, empty your recycle been and clean your computer by using disk cleanup. Every window has this program, go to start and search for disk clean up and select in the result.

3.       Presence of many installed programs in your device. These programs may lead to the slowdown of your window. Uninstall unused programs. Prevent programs functioning in background. This helps to reduce number of functioning programs with ought your knowledge.
4.       Many programs are functioning at the same time. This happen when your device allows programs to start automatic. This increase number of programs functioning in background. Make sure that you prevent programs that start at the window startup.

5.       Reduce number of browser add-ons from your internet browser. These are programs, such as multimedia add-ons, search bars, or other programs usually appear on your browser's toolbar.
Many of these are causing slow down of your window especially internet connection. If this is the case remove these add-ons from your computer’ window to speed up performance.

For success speed up your window check the above solution suggested. Sometimes it may happen that your window have already affected by virus, you need to repeat your window. If you reinstall another window is good because a copy of new window is safe from any malware as a new born child if installed properly.

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