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Wednesday, August 30, 2017


.As we know, we must eradicate all malware in our devices so as to maintain our safety. The virus may connect your device to the hacker’s network, sometimes your data may be completely destroyed by the virus in your device. As we have discussed in previous posts, how to remove a virus from your phone or computer. In this post, we are going to discuss how you will find that your device has a VIRUS.

1. Your device is slow to operate; here might happen when you click on the button your device delay to respond operation. At other times you can click a text messaging button but it is delayed until you wait for a while.

Although the problem of your device being slow may be caused by other sources such as RAM, spyware, and small free space in hard disk or memory, the presence of the virus becomes a major source of slow operation of your device.

To be able to solve this problem, we may suggest making sure your device has enough space in its memory or hard disk. Make sure your computer has enough RAM for your device's needs. Scan virus by using active antivirus and which is up to date.

2. Delay loading on the internet; here your device is very slow when the internet is loading. It appears you are clicking the search button but you are waiting for a long time. When downloading your device is too late for downloading items, In short, intranet slowness is caused by the presence of a virus on your device.

Although there are other factors that cause your device to slow down on the intranet as the network is small. So before you're satisfied that your device has a virus first make sure you have enough network connections on your device. Also, make sure you allow 3G or 4G in your device. If it will be slow, start the process of removing the virus from your device.

3. The programs start automatically; here it launches some programs in your device itself without being allowed. This is one of the most common indicators of viruses in your device. The thing to do here is to remove the programs that start automatically.

Although the automatic start of programs can be done manually by allowing programs to start automatically. This is not a case if it is you who allow this automatic start. But the more interesting here is the fact that some programs which act as malware are starting automatic without being allowed to do so.

The problem of having a virus in the electronic devices is common, and it is difficult to avoid it completely. So we are strongly recommended to have the habit of scanning your device frequently. Or you can allow automatic scanning in your device. You can use window defender or any antivirus program. You must update your window as recommended by Microsoft.

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