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Saturday, September 30, 2017


A good diet is essential for your health. A good intake of food can lead you out of the effects and risks of certain diseases. A good intake of food will be able to give your body a chance to fight against illness and other attacks. However, a bad deity can cause risks in your body, such as diabetes and cancer.

A perfect (balanced deity) meal is considered when a person eats a meal that contains the essential nutrients needed in the body in specific proportion. These nutrients are water, proteins, fat, and lipid as well as minerals. These nutrients perform various functions within the body including body protection, bodybuilding, and body repair as well as body cueing.

             Protein foods
These are foods that build body and body repairing. The recovery of wounds, injuries and scars are all thanks to the function of the protein. Growing of new hair, nail and tissues in injuries are done thanks to protein foods.
You can get protein from milk, meat, eggs, and fish. In plants, you can also get proteins by eating beans, rice, and some other cereals. Also, the intake of vegetable fresh vegetables can help to obtain protein.

Friday, September 29, 2017


                                 CIGARETTE SMOKING
"Smoking is dangerous to your health”
Several studies on smoking indicate that people have begun to smoke more than 2000 years ago. History shows that commercial and non-commercial caravans have promoted spreading cigarettes worldwide. The famous man in history known as Called Christopher Columbus 1492 years ago found people in America were smoking. From here cigarettes spread throughout Europe through these caravans.

At first, it was believed that cigarettes cure some of the illnesses. This concept flourished in the 1600's where many people were involved in smoking. In the 1800's, tobacco industries were introduced while cigarettes had a high price.

Saturday, September 23, 2017


         COLD AND FLU
The flue is a disease caused by the flu virus and it is also believed that there are about 200 types of flu virus such as rhinoviruses, parainfluenza viruses, viruses, viruses, and many others. This virus is found to meet these viruses, especially through the air, while you are using a virus that combines these viruses.

Influenza symptoms vary in different ways and may be similar to that of malaria. Among those symptoms include lack of eating appetite, feeling tired, dehydration, vomiting throat, headaches and sneaking out often. Although the symptoms of flu vary to individuals and individuals according to their immune system's ability to fight illnesses, although these symptoms are common to most people.



Diabetes is a disease that occurs when the body fails to produce insulin or body fail to produce sufficient insulin hormone or body failure to use insulin hormone. Sometimes it occurs when the immune system affects the  production of insulin in the body and cause diabetes
Diabetes is caused by many factors including inherited from family, environment and poor lifestyle. Whether diabetes can inherit from parents or family but poor living system contributes significantly to the causes of diabetes. In this post, I will discuss how the bad system of life affects diabetes.

1. Excess weight or overweight (body weight or obesity);
Naturally, the body needs special weight according to health principles. Any abnormality in weight is a problem and may lead to serious problems to the health including diabetes. Overweight lead to the failure of the body to use of insulin hormone There are many ways to reduce weight by eating, exercising or changing the lifestyle. Make sure your weight is in normal level. Have a doctor give you advice about your weight.

Friday, September 22, 2017


                      THE COMMON SYMPTOMS OF CANCER
Cancer occurs when body's cells grow without being controlled in the body. These cells are called tumour cell or malignant cell or cancer cell.These tumour cells may become more serious and cause damage to body organs such as brain liver, stomach breast and bone brain.

Normally cells within the body are born and die after a specific period. For a person with cancer cells, these cells do not die so they continue to grow without order. These cells can penetrate the blood system and be spread to other parts of the body and eventually transmit cancer to other body parts.

In the causes of cancer's occurring, it is including 35% diet, smoking 30%, 10% sunlight, 7% virus, 4% occupation, 3% alcohol, 1% radiation, and 10% other causes. So here you see that foods and smoking are at the forefront of cancer causes.

In 2000 WHO has reported that cancer is a leading cause of the death of many people in the world. In 2004, 7.4 million people have died of cancer that is about 13% of all deaths in the world in that year. liver cancer, stomach cancer, colon cancer and breast cancer have led to deaths in the world. Death caused by cancer is expected to increase daily and expected to reach 12 million by 2030. (WHO 2009).

Thursday, September 21, 2017


                                     HOW TO LIVE WITH DIABETES
Diabetes is a disease that occurs when the body fails to produce a hormone of insulin or failure to produce this hormone at the sufficient level. Sometimes diabetes occurs when the body fails to use the insulin produced in the body this is called insulin resistance.

This is a hormone (insulin) control level of sugar in the body not to be high or low. This hormone is produced by the pancreas (pancreas). when insulin hormone is produced in insufficient level it may be difficult to control the amount of sugar in the blood. This lead to the serious problem to the health of a person.

Monday, September 11, 2017


Cancer is in the world's most common serious illnesses. Cancer can be caused by various substances including smoking, 31%, foods for 37%, alcohol for 3% and many other. For these reasons, foods are a major source of cancer.

In 2015 90.5 million people were infected with cancer. It is estimated that every year around 14.1 million people get cancer every year. 15.7 million people died of cancer with 15.7% of all deaths in the year.

  As described as poor eating habits and smoking contribute significantly to cancer, today we will bring you some foods that fight against cancer. These foods can prevent cancer cells from being formed into the body and help to combat it. There are so many foods but we  bring you these today;